Dr. Kresie's patient, Alice Lister, wrote "So much to be thankful for and high on the list for me this year is 'new eyes.' It is so good to see well again. Thanks for all the TLC you gave me each visit!"





"All of you are Angels from God - Thank you for your skill, (Dr. Kresie, you are an awesome surgeon) knowledge, and compassion during and after my surgery!" said Betty Schweitzer, another pleased customer.



I came to see Dr. Penzler because I could not pass my eye exam for my driver’s license renewal. I am an art student at Washburn University and I noticed my colors were not as bright as they needed to be. After the cataract surgery, I noticed that my whites were truly white and my reds and blues were truly the colors they were supposed to be. Restoring my eyesight has improved my capacity to do my artwork better. I am very grateful for my eyesight. Dr. Penzler did a great job.
   --  Robert Goupil, Sr.




To all the lovely ladies including the doc her own self, at the Penzler ocular shop: you make medical treatment downright pleasant. Sorry I don't have any more eyes.
   --  Jim Claussen.





Blanche Hurley is a patient of Dr. Penzler's who has undergone bilateral cataract surgery. She recently went to her optometrist to get her postoperative glasses. After being examined by her optometrist he stated he "had never seen such perfect implants and he had been in business for 25 years."